ICUMSA 45 sugar, also known as white sugar, is a highly sought-after sugar worldwide, renowned for its purity and luminosity. Representing the highest quality available, ICUMSA 45 sugar is brilliantly white and meticulously refined, making it ideal for human consumption and incorporation into a wide variety of culinary creations. Its refinement process not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures safety by eliminating bacteria and impurities commonly found in raw sugar.

Polarization: Minimum 99.80%
Moisture: Maximum 0.04%
Ash Content: Maximum 0.04%
Solubility: 100% Free Flowing
 Radiation: Normal Certified
Color: Sparkling White
Granulation: Fine
Origin: Brazil


ICUMSA 150, known as granulated sugar, is often utilized in large-scale baking and the production of beverages and food products. Formed through crystallization without chemical refining, granulated sugar serves as a cost-effective alternative to traditional ICUMSA 45 sugar. Its composition contains fewer chemicals, making it an attractive choice for various applications.

Polarization: Minimum 99.50°
Moisture: Maximum 0.10%
Ash Content: Maximum 0.10%
Solubility: 100% Dry and Free Flowing
Radiation: Norma lCertified
Color: Sparkling White
Granulation: Fine
Origin: Brazil

ICUMSA 600-1200

Known as brown sugar, ICUMSA 600-1200 is derived from the first crystallization of sugar cane and is 100% cane refined. Thicker and brownish in color compared to ICUMSA 45 sugar, it retains a natural richness. When fully refined, raw brown sugar contains around 70% white sugar.

ICUMSA: 600-1200 RBU
Polarization: 97.8° to 99.2°
Moisture: Maximum 0.15%
Ash Content: Maximum 0.15%
Solubility: 90% Free Flow
 Radiation: Normal Certified
Color: Brown
Granulation: 6mm Regular Square (Medium Size)
Origin: Brazil