Soybean oil, derived from soybean seeds, is a versatile and prevalent vegetable oil with a multitude of culinary applications. Renowned for its neutral flavor and high smoke point, it plays a crucial role in various cooking techniques, from frying to sautéing.


1. Crude Soybean Oil: This type of soybean oil is obtained through the initial extraction process and may undergo further refining for specific applications. It retains some of the natural flavors and characteristics of soybeans, making it suitable for various industrial uses.

2. Refined Soybean Oil: Refined soybean oil undergoes a thorough refining process, resulting in a high-quality oil with improved stability and a mild taste. It’s a versatile cooking oil suitable for a wide range of culinary methods.

3. Crude Degummed Soybean Oil: This variety is obtained through a preliminary refining process that removes impurities like gums and phospholipids. It serves as a precursor to further refining and processing.


Soybean oil is available in a variety of packaging options to cater to different needs:
– Bottles (Glass and Plastic): Available in various sizes, including 1l, 1.8l, 5l, 10l, and 20l, these bottles ensure the oil’s quality while safeguarding it from environmental factors.
– Flexitank: An adaptable packaging solution suitable for larger quantities of soybean oil.

Origin: Brazil