Dried apricots offer a year-round solution to enjoy the delightful taste of apricots, even when the fresh apricot season is short, spanning from June to mid-August. Here’s how the process unfolds:

Processing and Types: After being carefully harvested, fresh apricots are prepared for drying. They are sorted into different industrial sizes and grades before the drying process begins. There are two main types of dried apricots:

  • Natural Dried Apricots: Harvested apricots are naturally dried in the open sun for 2-3 days until they reach an ideal level of ripeness and oxidization. This process results in the apricots taking on a dark brown color.
  • Dried Apricots with Sulfur: To preserve their color and prevent damage during drying, apricots are treated in a sulfur chamber for 6 hours. Following this treatment, they are exposed to sunlight for natural drying. The color of these apricots remains a dark orange, due to the sulfur dioxide treatment.

Sizing Chart:

Size No. Number per kg Size Range
1 up to 100 36 mm or larger
2 101 – 120 36 mm – 32 mm
3 121 – 140 36 mm – 29 mm
4 141 – 160 32 mm – 26 mm
5 161 – 180 29 mm – 24 mm
6 181 – 200 26 mm – 24 mm
7 201 – 220 26 mm – 21 mm
8 greater than 200 20 mm or less

Packaging: We offer customizable packaging solutions to meet your preferences. The shape and size of the packaging can be specified according to your requirements.

Origin: Our high-quality dried apricots originate from Iran and Turkey, ensuring you receive a delectable and nutritious product with a shelf life of up to one year.